Smart advertising mirrors!


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Smart advertising mirrors!

Targeted advertising straight to the eyes

In the WiseGlass network, we display targeted ads based on age and gender on an intelligent advertising medium which is a mirror! How is this possible? Thanks to artificial intelligence, we combined DOOH with mobile!

Online targeting combined with the effectiveness of outdoor advertising
Statistics and analytics of real ad views.
Online panel - targeting, schedules, geofencing.
Advanced sensors and artificial intelligence.

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The WiseGlass network consists of over 500 panels almost all over Poland! We cooperate with the largest companies in the country!

Galeria Rzeszów
Port Lotniczy - Rzeszów-Jasionka
Lord Jack
Galeria Krakowska
Galeria Katowicka
Termy Chochołowskie
VIVO! Lublin
Whiskey in the Jar

Areas of application of WiseGlass mirrors

Shopping Malls

Smart WiseGlass mirrors in shopping malls are an increasingly popular tool that combines the functions of a mirror and advertising in real time. Thanks to them, shopping malls can promote brands attractively and effectively. This is the perfect solution for those who want to stand out and increase the effectiveness of their advertising.

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Petrol Stations

WiseGlass intelligent mirrors are an effective form of advertising at gas stations, allowing the promotion of brands and offers, and creating direct contact with customers when refueling or shopping. This is an ideal solution for gas stations that want to increase the effectiveness of advertising and provide customers with an unforgettable experience.

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Expo facilities

Advertisements on mirrors in Expo facilities are an excellent promotional tool. Advertisements displayed in real time allow you to attractively promote products and services and build relationships with customers. WiseGlass mirrors are the perfect solution for increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

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HoReCa brands must be flexible and tailored to customers to increase loyalty and provide unforgettable experiences. Advertising on WiseGlass mirrors is an innovative form of promotion for them. These mirrors use technology to display advertisements in real time, which effectively attracts customers' attention, e.g. while waiting for a meal.

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Medical Facilities

The mirrors display advertisements in real time, attracting patients' attention. Medical facilities can use them to promote services and educate patients about preventive health care. The advertisements on these mirrors are attractive and original. WiseGlass mirrors are an ideal solution for medical facilities that want to convey important information to patients.

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Smart WiseGlass mirrors are a perfect advertising tool for various events. Thanks to them, as an organizer, you can also present your products and services to a wide audience outside the stand. Additionally, you can rent mirrors for your event, which gives you the opportunity to personalize the content of your message and reach new customers.

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Thanks to the constant development of the WiseGlass mirror network, we can offer access to more and more people every day!

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